Family and Community Support

Family and Community Support

In the midst of the current cost of living crisis more and more people are struggling just to keep their families fed so we’re working harder than ever to support vulnerable families and individuals by providing the basics and a little bit more if we can.

Food Parcels

Our basic food parcels are made up of tinned and packet items and are usually supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables, subject to availability. For those people who collect their parcels from our Unit in West Howe, chilled and frozen products may be available.

We are also able to provide personal hygiene and household cleaning products on a six weekly basis.


Anyone who needs food can access our service but we do require a referral from social workers, schools, medical practitioners, Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and other support organisations. Referrals can be made for a one-off emergency parcel or for six weeks worth of parcels and these can be collected from our unit in West Howe on either a Tuesday or Thursday morning between the hours of 9.30am and 12.30pm. Unfortunately we are unable to do deliveries unless in exceptional circumstances.

Lesley Hargadon is a front line volunteer working with our families

“My role involves welcoming mums, families and single people into the unit to collect their food parcels and to offer fresh produce and frozen foods as available. The people who come to us vary enormously and are very grateful for what we can offer. Being unable to feed your children must be one of the hardest things for any mum to face and my aim is  to make them comfortable, feel no shame and leave with their dignity intact. Sometimes there are tears that ‘It’s come to this’ but for the most part it’s a happy environment with the mums making friends and swopping advice and information amongst themselves.”

“I get far more out than I put into volunteering here and hope I can carry on for however long I’m needed.”

Clothing & Household Items

In addition to food we are also able to help those who need it with children’s and adult clothing and household goods such as bedding, crockery and cooking equipment. This includes those moving into accommodation form Hostels and Bed and Breakfast accommodation. In line with our charitable objects this may at times include working with other local charities to help victims of abuse, modern slavery or human trafficking who find themselves with little more than they stand up in.


We currently distribute around 160 food parcels a week which means that we get through our stocks very quickly. We estimate that the items we put in a basic food parcel have a value of around £15 per parcel which means that if we had to buy them it would cost us £2400 every week. We are very reliant on the generosity of our loyal supporters whose donations help us to help others. If you would like to donate please download our shopping list.

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